Want to Become a Sijome

Business Partner ?

We demonstrate our value to you by driving cash customers to your door.

Are you here because one of your customers told you we sent them here ? Good !

Now let us show you what we can REALLY do once we partner with you on driving traffic and sales.

Sijome for Business

Select how many points you’d like to distribute to your customers below. We will notify you when it’s time to renew. Our partners also have access to their Points Portal for full control and monitoring of points activity.

Letting us be your partner means you play the game under new rules, with new tools, and a new way of thinking about your customers.
  • You will control the incentives your customers have to shop with you.
  • You will control how they select your business over your many local and regional competitors.
  • You will decide, with just a few clicks, how best to allocate your budget.
  • And you will use deeply detailed information about your customers to learn what they need and why.
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