How SIJOME Works

It's Simple!

Until now, there was no way for rewards programs to work outside of their “box”. For instance, airlines gave you airline points. Online stores reward you to shop there and only there. Credit cards reward you too.BUT, ALL of them keep the rewards inside their “world”.

WE DO IT BETTER ! Sijome works everywhere and for every common form of payment (except cash...and, lets face it, who uses it much ?).

Download the app. Sign up. And that's it !

There is nothing else you need to do except watch the points roll in.

We reward you for virtually every place you shop.

And we keep track of your points and we allow you to redeem directly from our application.

How hard can this be ? Right ?That's what we thought, too.

So we created Sijome. It works everywhere.


Put Sijome to work for you.

Easily find businesses with the most points from our emojis map. Earn points when your friends earn points. Accumulate points and redeem for cash or goods.

Where are the points ? Quickly see all businesses near you and what each is offering to earn you as a customer.

Prizes and Rewards Sijome keeps your total points for you. We give you goals and scores on your way to rewards.

At a Glance Our custom points emojis, combined with our quick map, give a simple view of your local points providers.

Smiling is my favorite.
Got a favorite place or hangout ? Make it favorite in Sijome.

Where did I earn?
We make it somple for you to look at your points and see where they came from and who likes you best!

Invite your Friends and Earn when they Earn.
You love Sijome, right ? Right ? Easily invite your friends and earn when they earn.

Designed for you to easily follow your goals and find the best deals.

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